Ellie(GR) – Idioms of Time

‘Idioms of Time’ is the debut album from Greece based DJ/Producer ‘Ellie(GR)’. 

A product of her passion and devotion, ‘Idioms of Time’ showcases the versatility of Ellie’s creativity across 8 tracks of Hard, Dark and Hypnotic Techno. From the distance melancholy of ‘Dawn’ to the dark atmospheres of ‘Oneira’ the whole album takes you on a beautifully dark trip.

Being a fundamental part of the Dead Groovy Music family since her debut release in 2020, it is exciting to be here for in this next step of her musical journey.

The release is supplemented by a continuous mix, mixed by Ellie(GR), pulling all the tracks together and completing her vision of the album.

Available for pre-order from February 10th with full release available exclusively from Beatport for 4 weeks from 24th February.


Available now exclusively from Beatport