P.B.T.S. & THE D3VI7 – Woody Woodpecker

Dead Groovy Music is excited to present to you the label debut from P.T.B.S. & THE D3VI7 entitled ‘Woody Woodpecker’ individually these guys are a force to reckon with, together, they are destructive.

Their latest release ‘Woody Woodpecker’ is no different, a high octane industrial techno banger, pounding kicks and throbbing basses layered with rave influences, dark vocal cuts and industrial percussive hooks ready to obliterate any dance floor.

The main mix is complemented by an equally intense remix from ‘Cement Tea’ pushing the rave elements of the original into hardcore territories.

Available to pre-order from 18th November with full release available from 2nd December


Available now exclusively from Beatport